This 2-day event includes 3 main thematic sessions:

1st Thematic Session

«Regulatory and Institutional Framework»

  • Panel 1: «Legal Framework»
  • DEBATE: Is it better for creditors to have their loans restructured by a bank or by a servicer?

2nd Thematic Session

«Transactions, Servicing and Financial Issues»

  • Panel 2A: «International Trends in NPL»
  • Panel 2B: «Transactions profile in Greece»
  • Panel 2C: «The Future of the Greek Servicing Market»
  • Panel 2D: «The Distressed Asset Market as a source of GDP growth»

3rd Thematic Session

«Social and Economic Impact»

  • Panel 3A: The impact of NPL restructuring on the real estate market
  • Panel 3Β: «How do distressed Corporates / SME react to the new situation?»
  • Panel 3C: « The difficult dialogue on NPLs among the interesting parties»