Andreas K. Bazouros

Attorney at Law (LLB Hons, MBA in Finance), Managing Partner, Bazouros Law Firm

Andreas Bazouros is the founder and Managing Director of “Bazouros Law Firm”. He has graduated from the Law School (LLB Hons, Dimocrition University of Thrace) and has a post-graduate degree (MBA) in Finance. He specializes in the Banking and Commercial Law which are the main fields of activity of the Law Firm. He has extended experience in the provision of consultancy and litigation services to its clientele which is mainly consists of banks, NPLs servicing companies and large multinational companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a complete understanding of the framework of operation of the banking sector and has the skills to provide practical and suitable solutions to his clients. In the past 15 years, he has handled many demanding cases with successful results. He stands out for his consistency, expedience and professionalism.