Aristovoulos Kladis

Deputy General Director Tiresias S.A.

Sir/Mr. Kladis is the Deputy General Director of the bank group Tiresias as well as the Director of the General banking center of the enterprise of banking and other financial services.

Since 2017 he holds the position of administration and functional organization of the department of out-of-court settlements and restructuring of debt becoming overdue.

Mr. Kladis is also responsible for ensuring the proper way of conducting interbank settlements and applications which are under ‘Katseli’s Law’. On this account, under that law, he regulates the petition platform for the first-priority housing and guarantees sound settlement based on the living standards.

Mr. Kladis inaugurated his professional career on the field, in 1978, from the Greek Bank Federation and his 40 years of expertise constitute a major asset for the enterprise.

Since 1993 and for nearly a decade he held the position of the Director of Tiresias’s Computerized Information-technologies. While monitoring the operation of computer centers, he also contributed at a great extent to the design of the information system. In this way, a well-structured system was developed regarding the current or emerging economic affairs on the public and private sector of the country.

Mr. Kladis, aside from his current position has held the following two administrations. He was assigned the administration of the provision of the ‘Information-Office’ of the company and the ‘Public-Service’ sector.

Moreover, he is a member of the contributing panel banks of the interbank market as well as the exclusive enterprise’s representative with the public services sectors.

He graduated from the National University of Athens majoring in finances and Computing and Information Services and related business methodologies.