Constantinos Klissouras

Partner, Head, Litigation, Restructuring & insolvency, KP Law firm

Constantinos Klissouras heads the disputes and restructuring team at KP Law firm, a wide niche Athens-based business law practice.
He specializes in complex domestic and cross-border disputes (litigation and arbitration), finance, and restructuring and insolvency. He acts for domestic and foreign financial institutions and industrials from a variety of sectors and serves as general counsel to DV01, one of the Greek corporate loans servicers.
He has authored and co-authored in English on finance, restructuring and insolvency, including Collier International Business Insolvency Guide (Matthew Bender/Lexis-Nexis rel. 2004-2010), security interests (CILS – Oceana 2006), cash pooling (GLB, 2012 and 2016), the HR Privatization Programme (Law and Financial Markets Review, 2012), financing domestic and cross-border group restructurings (Oxford University Press, 2015), and resolving private sector insolvency (Hellenic Bankers’ Association / Palgrave MacMillan, Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions, in press ).
He is a Senior Vice-chair of the Insolvency Section of the International Bar Association and a Fellow of the Centre for International Legal Studies. Born Athens, 1973. Member of the Athens Bar, admitted to the Supreme Court.